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Chateau de Loire Corsica Bodensee Black Forrest Rhine Rüdesheim

1435 The chateaux on the Loire, France

1480-1481-1482 Corsica, France

1520 Bodensee, Germany

1521 The Black Forest, Germany

1565 The Rhine Rüdesheim to Königswinter,


Der Rhein

1565D Der Rhein von Rüdesheim to Königswinter,



1600 Italy

Rome Italy

1601-1602-1603 Rome, Italy

Amalfi Coast

1615 The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Dolimite Mountains

1622 Dolomite Mountains, Italy

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1630-1631-1632 Venezia, Italy


1690 Sicily, Italy

1730 -1731-1732 Majorca, The Balearic Islands,


Majorca Islands Majorque

1730-1731-1732F Majorque, Iles Baleares,


world's Fair (1)

1986 World’s Fair, Brussels 1985,

        Pavillions of the Nations

world's Fair (2)

1991 World’s Fair, Brussels 1958,

        International sections

world's Fair (3)

1992 World’s Fair, Brussels 1958,

        General sections

world's fair (4)

1993 World’s Fair, Brussels 1958,

        Gay Belgium


2000 Switzerland

inside Moscow

2820 Inside Moscow, U.S.S.R.

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